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Alban MANNISI_France [Singapore]
Landscape Urbanist, academic and Director of SCAPETHICAL. Alban’s research focus is on the emerging political ecology implementation in landscape planning and the social ecology deployment through various indigenous environmental mediation.

Apolonija SUSTERSIC_Slovenia [Norway]
Architect and academic, Apolonija ‘s research is practice-based art research focusing at socially engaged processes of change within urban and sub-urban setting.

Bjorn LOW_Singapore [Australia]
Practicing urban farmer and a social changemaker, Bjorn’s practice and research focuses on identifying the value that urban agriculture brings to the communities of highly dense and food import dependent cities such as Singapore.

Graciela MAGNONI_ Uruguay [Singapore]
Photographer, Graciella is currently working on a project called Nosotras, which is about women and girls around the world. The project was shortlisted for the prestigious LOBA award in Germany in 2021.

Blaž KRIŽNIK_Slovenia [Korea]
Urban sociologist, working in fields of comparative urban studies, sociology of urban social movements and Korean studies.

Charles ANDERSON [Australia]
Artist, Landscape Architect, Academic. Anderson’s work engages with climate change and the concomitant socio-political disruptions and ecological crises, to explore human-non-human entanglement and to reconceptualise and reconfigure formations of terrestrial habitation.

OH Jongsun [Korea]
Artist and socially engaged activist, Jongsun expresses a variety of social and political issues through installation and sculpture work in open space, raising public awareness and understanding.

Kyung Jin ZOH [Korea]
Landscape Architect, Academic, Dean of Graduate School of Environment Studies at Seoul National University,  and a chairperson of organizing committee for 2022 IFLA World Congress, Gwangju.

María F. CARRASCAL [Spain]
Architect and academic, Maria studies and explores the field of creative regeneration in contemporary cities, focusing on the role of art and art communities.

Research collective, led by Manoel Rodrigues Alves and Carlos Navas, that develops transversal actions related to architecture, biology and public health. Interrogating urban certainties and categories, and observing urban inequities and social vulnerabilities, URBEC focuses its work on precarious territories attempting to mitigate urban and environmental inequity in Brazilian cities.

Manoel Rodrigues ALVES_Brazil
Architect and academic, Manoel’s research focuses on the contemporary city, particularly public space and spaces of public domain, urban and environmental equity, socio-spatial practices and vertical urbanism.

Carlos A. NAVAS_Brazil
Biologist, academic and scientist interested in how animals adapt (or not) to environmental change, including land use, climate change and urban settings.

Michaela F. PRESCOTT_Australia
Landscape Architect and academic with Monash Informal Cities Lab, Michaela’s research focuses on the socio-cultural dimensions of landscapes and urban environments, and the evolving relation of landscape, infrastructure and urbanisation.

Macarena GROSS ARIZA_Spain
Photographer and researcher, Macarena’s artistic work focused on investigating the relationship between photography and other artistic media as an urban and awareness-raising tool.
Noriko DENO_Japan
Community designer, Noriko manage projects ranging from social welfare, social and adult education, town management, park management and revitalizing town centers.
Oliver VODEB_Slovenia [Australia]
Critical design theorist, creative practice researcher and educator. Oliver’s research employs diverse strategies to investigate the processes and institutions that determine everyday life and exert influence over social futures.
Reyes ABAD FLORES, Spain
Reyes is involved in publications, concerning investigations and research in the fields of architectural heritage, urban planning, cultural identity and arts as part of a research group in the ETSIE Seville.
PARK Chan-kook_Korea
Artist and director of the Suwon Public Art Project, work in city vacant spaces. He is known for The Dongdaemun Rooftop Paradise (DRP), nonArt butArt projects and Territorial Hacking 2018 Seoul Media City Biennale.
Tammy WONG HULBERT_Australia
Artist, curator and academic, Tammy’s research focuses on ‘curating inclusive cities’, enacted through collaborations with marginalised urban communities, to care for and represent their perspectives in globalising cities.
Witiya PITTUNGNAPOO_Thailand
Urban Designer, Witiya has worked on designing water and nature-based solutions for pushing climate change concerns into the cultural heritage sector in the Lower Northern Region of Thailand. Witiya is a founder of the Climate Change Adaptation for Cultural Heritage Preservation Research Unit at Naresuan University.
Yazid NINSALAM_Singapore [Australia]
Landscape Architect and academic, Yazid leads the Biourbanism Lab at McGregor Coxall and is a University Fellow. His work explores the impacts of landscape transformation driven by competing pressures of urban development and climate variability.
@ Design Diplomacy
is a design research platform led by Alban Mannisi. With Charles Anderson and various partners, he investigates design practices and customs that exist outside of international environmental conventions in order to report on and disseminate off-the-shelf and non-speculative design practices.
SHIN Hae-Won_Korea [Australia]
Architect and Academic. Curator of the Korean pavilion of the 2021 Venice Biennale.
Philip SAMARTZIS_Australia
Sound artist, scholar and curator with a specific interest in the social and environmental conditions informing remote wilderness regions and their communities. His art practice is based on deep fieldwork where he deploys complex sound recording technology to capture natural, anthropogenic and geophysical forces. und Culture.
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