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Soon-young Kwon


권순영(1975년생)은 인간의 본성에 관심을 두고 인간 내면에 실재하는 폭력성, 성욕, 두려움, 불안, 소외, 슬픔, 연민, 애정, 그리고 사랑의 감정에 이르기까지 강렬하면서도 동시에 비가시적인 세계를 동화적 환타지의 형식으로 재현하는 작업에 집중해 왔다. 단국대학교와 홍익대학교 대학원에서 동양화를 전공했으며, <Flashback>(관훈갤러리, 2007), <Empty Smiles, 슬픈 모유>(갤러리팩토리,2011, 2014), <눈물의 여정>(소소갤러리, 2017), <유령의 땅>(더 소소, 2023) 등 개인전과 <아아! 동양화:이미 항상 변화>(화이트블럭, 2023), <The SoSo special>(더소소, 2022), <밤을 넘는 아이들>(서울대학교 미술관, 2022), <현대회화의 모혐:나는 나대로 혼자서 간다>(국립현대미술관 청주, 2019), <솔로쇼>(해담하우스, 2018), <A STORY WITHOUT A STORY>(갤러리룩스, 2017), <스틸엑츠>(아트선재센터, 2016), <무진기행>(금호미술관, 2016) 등 다수의 단체전에 참여했다.

With interest in human nature, Soon-young Kwon(b. 1975) reproduces the intense yet invisible world of violence, sexual desire, fear, anxiety, alienation, sadness, compassion, affection, and love that exist inside humans in the form of a fairy tale fantasy.She studied in Oriental Painting at Dankook University and Hongik University Graduate Schools respectively. She has been presented solo exhibitions include <Flashback>(Kwan Hoon Gallery, 2007), <Empty Smiles, The Milk of Sorrow>(Gallery Factory, 2011, 2014), <A Journey of Tears>(Soso Gallery, 2017) and <The Land of Ghosts>(The SoSo, 2023). Her paintings also have been selected in major exhibitions, <Ah! East Asian painting: Already Always Everchanging>(White Block, 2023), <The SoSo special>(The SoSo, 2022), <Children crossing the night>(Seoul National University Museum of Art, 2022), <Contemporary painting's insult: I will go away all by myself>(National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Cheongju, 2019), <Solo show>(Haedam House, 2018), <There are ASTORY WITHOUT ASTORY>(Gallery Lux, 2017), <Still Acts>(Art Sonje Center, 2016), and <Journey to a Fluid lsland>(Kumho Museum of Art, 2016).

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